Tom Daley’s Husband Shut Down The Suggestion That ‘Two Blokes Can’t Bring Up A Baby’

The couple are expecting their first child later this year via surrogate.

On Valentine’s Day, Olympic diver Tom Daley and his husband Dustin Lance Black announced that they were expecting their first child in a cute Instagram post.

The little boy will be delivered via surrogate later this year – the response to the news was mostly positive, but of course some people had some things to say about a gay couple raising a child.

Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin dealt with this on a BBC Radio show today when a listener called in to tell him what he thought about the whole thing:

I don’t mind surrogacy, but I don’t think two blokes can bring a baby up. You need the mother there. The mother is the one.

Well, apart from implying that it’s a woman’s job to raise a child, that’s pretty darn homophobic – but Dustin calmly responded to the caller, saying:

I hear you, but there are all different kinds of families out there in the world and for many, many different reasons, some more tragic than others, children are raised by single parents all the time.

He said that he himself was raised by a “very strong” single mother, and there will of course be women in their baby’s life:

Will it be important that our son meet women in his life? Absolutely… It would be wrong to deprive a child of that – and frankly bizarre, and probably impossible.

Ah, we’re sure they’ll be a great pair of das.


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