Too Hot To Handle’s Nicole Reveals She Picked Studying At UCC Over Being On Love Island

'God, did I make the right decision?'


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If you’ve finished binge watching Netflix’s new reality TV show, Too Hot To Handle, then I’m pretty sure you’re very familiar with this face.

Nicole O’Brian, one of the show’s contestants and also, a Cork woman, has been talking about her experience on the show since the first season launched on Netflix last Friday.

For those who haven’t watched it yet – get on it, but basically, the show follows a group of singletons looking for love but with one major catch, they can’t have any sexual interactions with each other if they want to leave the villa with cash.

So yeah, if they kiss, touch each other or have sex, there’s a charge for that and causes their prize fund to drop.

And although the show was filmed last year, the cast are only getting a chance to discuss their experiences now and it turns out, Nicole was in line for a totally different show in the past. One we’re all familiar with – Love Island.

Explaining that she was due to join the villa for the ITV show in 2016, Nicole turned it down to continue her studies in UCC.


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“I was meant to do Love Island in, I think it was about 2016, and then I chose to just finish out my degree instead after I got the place on it last minute and just see if an opportunity like it would arise again,” she told the Irish Sun.

“And I constantly thought about it for years after being like, ‘God, did I make the right decision? My life would be so much different now’.

“Then this opportunity came along so it just proved to me that everything does happen for a reason and I constantly think that and believe in that.”

Well, there you have it.

As far as the Too Hot To Handle couples go, we’ve no confirmation as to who is actually still together and who couldn’t stand the test of time, after all, it has been a year.

But when the non-disclosures lift and more information is revealed we’ll be sure to report back!


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