Tortizza: The 5 Minute Healthy Pizza Recipe The STELLAR Office Is Addicted To

It's healthy, delicious and ready in five minutes. We're ditching the takeaway menus and cheating clean with yummy tortizzas.

We <3 pizza. It’s cheesy, carby, and perfectly indulgent, but we could deffo do without the extra side of calories, grease and guilt after we’ve polished off our third slice.

That’s why we staged an intervention and found a way to make pizza a healthy meal, not a cheat one. Enter: The tortizza; A tortilla wrap-based pizza alternative, that replaces sugar-loaded tomato puree with healthier bases like red or green pesto or avocado, and swaps out or reduces greasy and calorific toppings with healthier eats like grilled chicken and veggies.

The result? A seriously delicious, satisfying meal that’s clean eating-friendly and lower in calories and saturated fat.

Confession: since we’ve discovered the tortizza, we’ve had it for tea four nights running. #balanced.

Here’s how to make our signature green pesto and grilled chicken tortizza…

1.Turn the oven to 220 degrees.

2.Lay out your tortilla on a plate and spread liberally with green pesto.

Pesto tortizza base
3.Next, sprinkle with a handful or two of grated mozzarella. (Go easy!)

Pesto and mozzarella pizza base
4.Then add on your toppings. We’ve topped ours with grilled chicken, diced peppers, mushroom and a little pepperoni.

Tortizza with toppings
5.Pop your tortizza on a tray on the top shelf of the oven and wait five minutes, or until the base has gone slightly crispy.

6.Lastly, season with black pepper and enjoy!



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