Travis Barker Confirms Name Of His Baby With Kourtney Kardashian

It's an unusual one!

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are expecting their baby boy any day now!

The reality TV star and her musician boyfriend have their first child on the way, and they’ve been teasing people with possible name ideas for quite some time.

Earlier this year, commenting underneath a post of Kourtney’s, Travis wrote “our son’s name would be Elvis”.

Considering the pair were married by an Elvis impersonator in Vegas, many reckoned they might actually choose it as their baby name – however, it’s another musician they’ve been inspired by.

On Toby Morse’s One Life One Chance podcast, Travis revealed that his and Kourtney’s first child’s name will be “Rocky Thirteen”.

Toby complimented the unusual name, telling Travis, “that’s such a hard name man.”

The name reveal won’t come as a total surprise to fans of Travis and Kourtney, as it had been discussed before.

On an episode of Complex’s “GOAT Talk” video series in July, Travis tested the name out with his 17 year old daughter, Alabama – and she was not a fan!

“You sure you’re going to name your kid Rocky Thirteen?” she asked her dad, adding, “Even he knows it’s bad!”

Travis explained where he got the name, saying it’s inspired by Rocky George, who played guitar for the band Suicidal Tendencies.

He added that “13 is the greatest number of all time.”

Travis and Kourtney certainly have a gothic aesthetic, so the superstitions surrounding the number 13 clearly don’t bother them.

And it may actually be very fitting considering the weekend that’s in it, as their baby boy is due any day now.

“It’s either Halloween, or like the first week of November,” Travis revealed.

How exciting. Here’s to little Rocky Thirteen Barker!