Trigger Warning: Tonsil Stone Removals Are The New Thing To Be Grossed Out By

It's more vile than pimple-popping and ingrown hair removal, but for some reason we just can't look away.

Tonsil Stone Removal

We thought we’d seen it all when we kick-started our Dr. Pimple Popper addiction, and later became obsessed with watching ingrown hair removal vids, but it appears we were wrong.

That’s cos we’ve found a brand new so-disgusting-but-we-can’t-look-away obsession and it involves tonsils. Or more specifically, tonsil stones.

Tonsil stones are clusters of white, clacified material that form on your tonsils when bits of bacteria, mucus and debris get stuck there.

They can look pretty gruesome. What’s more gruesome though is watching them being removed. And thanks to YouTube you can watch that happening in all it’s gross, magnified glory.

Where better to start than with a vid entitled World’s Greatest Tonsil Stone Removals, eh?