Try This Christmas Tree Light Hack For Faster Decorating

Why didn't we know about this sooner?!

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the glow of Christmas lights is so delightful… that is if you can get them unraveled to hang them on the damn tree!

Yep, it’s officially that time of year again when we have to wrestle the decorations down from the attic and see what sort of challenge we left ourselves last year.

After all the detangling and figuring out which sets actually still light up, we know you’re going to love the latest TikTok hack which promises tangle-free and quick hanging. We only wish we knew about it sooner!


@charlestoncrafted My favorite #ChristmasHack! Hang lights vertically! #christmas2020 #christmascountdown ♬ original sound – CharlestonCrafted

When it comes to decorating the tree, the majority of us default to wrapping the lights horizontally around the Christmas tree.

This can lead to all sorts of knots tied up between different sets of lights, and the eventual chaos of trying to take them back off the tree come January.

However, some decoration-savvy TikTok users have come up with a new method: zig-zag light hanging.

@pubity Who’s in the christmas spirit? (@lizlovery) #fyp #foryoupage #christmas ♬ original sound – pubity

Apparently, the hack is quicker than the wrap-around method, and also makes for easy changing if any of your lights become damaged.

When it finally comes time to remove the lights in the new year, the vertical zig-zag supposedly makes for easier removal!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Plug in your string of lights.
  2. Starting at the top of the tree, zig-zag the length of the tree going up and down.
  3. Et voila!

See? Easy as 1-2-3!

Now, if only there was a hack for Christmas gift shopping!

If you’re getting into the swing of Christmas prep, check out our gift guides for tonnes of ideas on what to buy for even the fussiest people in your life.

Written by Rebekah O’Reilly


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