Turns Out We’ve Been Eating From Ketchup Packets Wrong Our Whole Lives

Okay, now we feel stupid

A genius TikTok hack has gone viral showing people the *smart* way to eat sauce sachets and our minds are blown.

Social media user @cookiterica has shared the very simple hack she uses to eat packets of Ketchup with her McDonald’s drive-through, and you won’t believe how you didn’t think of it before.

See, instead of ripping a random jagged hole from the corner of the packet or worse still, bursting it open with your teeth, we should simply tear it open along the side, turning it into a little sauce pouch that you can dip your chips and nuggies right into.

@cookitericaIMPORTANT FRENCH FRY HACK! ##tiktokfood ##lifehack ##savagemom ##momsoftiktok ##ketchup ##frenchfryhack ##Buffering

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No longer will we be squeezing bits of red sauce out onto ripped pieces of paper or tissue, we’ll be doing it this way, the civilised way from now on.

Oh, just be sure you squeeze all of the sauce to one side before opening it though, that could end in a mare.

You’re very welcome.



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