Twitter Is Full Of People Telling 2016 To Keep Its Hands Off Gay Byrne Today

The veteran broadcaster revealed yesterday that he had been diagnosed with suspected cancer.


Irish broadcaster Gay Byrne announced yesterday that he had been diagnosed with suspected prostate cancer.

The veteran TV and radio presenter, who is 82, told listeners of his Lyric FM show yesterday that he would not be on air next Sunday, explaining that he would be hospital-bound for the next while.

“I shall not be with our listeners on this day next week. I have to go to hospital this week,” he said during the show.

“They think they may have discovered a bit of cancer in the prostate and they think it may have moved up into my back. I’ve had the most wonderful, fantastic, robust, good health all my broadcasting life. It’s my turn now. Many, many people much worse off. Thank you for your good wishes.”

Unsurprisingly, Twitter has been awash with messages of tribute and support for Uncle Gaybo since the news broke.

Even Gay’s long-time enemy Dustin the Turkey had a few kind words.

And 2016 is getting a LOT of side-eye from fans:

Last December the former Late Late Show presenter was admitted to hospital after suffering a heart attack. “I’m well on the mend. It will never be back to then, but nonetheless they warn you to take it easy and take it gently,” he told The Herald back in March.

The presenter and his wife Kathleen have been married for 52 years, and told STELLAR’s sister mag VIP this month that there was no big secret to a happy relationship. “You just get on with living and keep busy… We have always done things singly and together. I think there’s a freedom in that,” Kathleen said.

Wishing Gay a full and speedy recovery!