Twitter Is Having A Hilarious Reaction To Kylie Jenner Dying Her Hair Platinum Blonde

When are we gonna get those selfies already?

Kylie Jenner Platinum

If you follow Kylie Jenner on Snapchat, then you’ll have no doubt noticed that she’s gone for a very dramatic hair switch-up, by doing a Kim and dying her dark brunette locks a platinum blonde shade.

While Kylie snapped her way through the entire hair colouring process, she didn’t reveal the end result, only showing followers what her newly coloured locks looked like still wet.

Still, that didn’t stop Twitter erupting over her bold new hue, so until she finally unveils her Kimmy K-inspired do, here’s what everyone’s been saying.

Some Tweeters drew comparisons…

Others couldn’t figure out how she’d pulled this one off… 

Loadsa peeps were just getting plain impatient waiting for the final pics… 

While one person said what we were all thinking…

Seriously, no fair.


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