Twitter Reacts To Last Night’s Episode Of Love Island

We can't wait to see the drama now tomorrow night.

It’s Saturday, which sadly for us means no Love Island.

Dry January and no episode tonight means Saturday evening is looking a little bleak.

While we wait for Sunday night’s show we can at least take a deep dive into last night’s elimination.

We saw a re-coupling yesterday and in the most dramatic fashion, one of the twins was sent home. This, my friends, is reality TV at it’s finest. And of course, Twitter exploded with the drama of last night’s episode.

Not only that, but Connagh (with a ‘g’) chose Sophie in the re-coupling which meant that Conor (or small Conor as he’s now being called) was left single. He’s already shown his true colours this week, being slightly manipulative and possessive and he did not disappoint last night.

He was clearly fuming that Sophie was coupled up with someone else and said ‘he felt snaked out a little bit’.

One thing we did take away from the episode is how cute Mike and Leanne are together.

It’s not even a week into the show and we are already terrified something will go wrong, they are too sweet for it to be ruined. It seems that Twitter agrees.

We can’t wait to see the drama now tomorrow night.


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