Twitter Reacts To Shaughna’s Love Island Elimination And Latest Official Couple

Thank God we had a Princess quest to cheer us up after Shaughna left.

Well, we weren’t expecting that.

Watching last night’s Love Island we have to admit we were pretty sad to see straight-talking Shaughna leave the villa.

From day one she has had the most hilarious one-liners and always seems to say exactly what is on our own minds. In situations where people can’t make decisions we loved how Shaughna gave people the most black and white advice, never holding back and being totally real.

‘Congrats Hun’ will go down in Love Island history, potentially kicking ‘Chaldish’ from last year off the top spot.

If you’re a Love Island ad-break scroller then you’ll know Twitter that Shaughna gets lots of love on Twitter and last night was no different as she left the villa.

However last night’s episode wasn’t all sad as Luke T officially asked Siannise to be his girlfriend in the most elaborate and sweet Disney treasure hunt, getting all the other couples involved.


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