Twitter Thinks These Two Love Island Contestants Secretly Fancy Each Other

Did you spot this?

Do we sense a last-minute turning of heads? Could there be a repeat of the infamous Jordan and India revelation of 2019? Some viewers seem to think that none other than our very own Dami Hope and Welsh paramedic Paige Thorne could be hiding a secret connection.

The two islanders share a close relationship, with 26-year-old Dubliner Dami has often been the first port of call for Swansea girl Paige when she needs a shoulder to cry on, and the pair certainly seem to get on well.

But now, some Love Island fans seem to think that the two Islanders’ connection could go beyond the realms of friendship…

Since early in the season there have been some mutterings on Twitter over the nature of Paige and Dami’s relationship, and after last night’s episode, fans think that even Indiyah might be raising an eyebrow at the two close friends.

After last night’s game of “Snog, Marry, Pie”, viewers were left speculating when Paige choose Dami as her pick for marriage material. It’s safe to say that Indiyah looked less than impressed at the revelation and the twitter-sphere was quick to voice their opinions on the topic.

One viewer wrote “INDIYAH PEEPED IT AS WELL IM TELLING YOU DAMI AND PAIGE FRIENDSHIP IS WEIRD #loveisland.” Another said “Indiyahs clocking this Paige and Dami friendship is a lil sus finally. We been waiting girl #loveisland.”

And it’s not just viewers who have their suspicions! Ex-Islander Amber Beckford, who left the Villa back in June, admitted she thought there was “something” between the two.


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Amber had been coupled up with Dami when she exited the villa but still reckoned that Dami had a bit of a thing for Paige. When asked if she thought Dami fancied Paige on Heat’s Under The Duvet show, Amber admitted “I think so”, but added, “he wouldn’t pursue it because she doesn’t fancy him”….Very interesting indeed…

Could last night’s show indicate a change of heart with Paige? Can you say you would marry someone with fancying them *even just a little bit*? Who’s to truly say! But fans seem resolute in their suspicions about the pair…and they’ve been right before…

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Words: Ellen Glynn


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