Two Irish Lads Are Among The Most ‘Right Swiped’ People On Tinder

What can we learn from their accounts?

You know you’ve made it when you’re on Cosmo‘s list of Tinder’s 30 most successful and right-swiped daters. We’re unapologetically proud that two of those 30 daters are Irish.

Popular dating app Tinder gave Cosmopolitan UK access to the lives and profiles of the top 30 most right-swiped users – and thanks to the tell-all article, we now know what’s most likely to have us swiped right or left, from the people who know best. The article has revealed the 30 daters’ Tinder bio, opening line, best date, and also what makes them swipe left and right.

Two lucky lads who made the list are Irish boys Brian and Peter.

Tipperary native and Irish dancer Brian’s Tinder bio says: “Southern-Irish guy. Dancer in Riverdance and have travelled the world touring. Now teach kids. Primary-school teaching degree with German. Model. Love all sports; athletics, football, tennis. Animal lover – especially dogs!”

To start up a conversation with one of his matches, the 28-year-old usually chats about something interesting their bio. The best date he ever had was a second date where he and his date walked on Brighton pier during the sunset. He’s most likely to swipe right if it’s clear someone is physically active, and he’ll swipe left if the person appears cocky.

Brain (28). Via Cosmopolitan UK

24 year-old student Peter is an Irish citizen living in Manchester. His Tinder bio reads: “Irish Citizen with a British accent. If you need an EU passport without arousing the suspicions of your Brexit family, I’m your man. Dog ownership a plus. References available upon request.”

He switches up his opening Tinder line, “personalising it” every time. His best date ever consisted of a trip to Penneys with 10 minutes and £15 to buy each other an outfit, followed by a mini-golf game while dressed up. He’s most likely to swipe right if it looks like his date has a life outside of social media, and will swipe left if a profile consists of only group photos.

Peter (24). Via Cosmopolitan UK

Unfortunately, both of these guys are UK based, so unless you’ve got your location radius set pretty wide, you won’t be coming across them on your Tinder app any time soon.


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