Uh-Oh! Little Mix Have Been Blasted By Another Girl Band For ‘Ripping Off’ Their Song

They absolutely slayed their new single on the X Factor last night, but not everyone was impressed.

Little Mix Shout Out To My Ex

They’re our fave-o girl group since The Spice Girls, and last night X Factor winners Little Mix again took to the show’s stage to perform their new single Shout Out To My Ex.

But while the girls put on an absolutely stomping performance of their catchy new track, many peeps on Twitter were quick to accuse them of ripping off another single.

The song in question is GRL’s Ugly Heart, released in 2014 – and Twitter was rife with comments about the similarities between the two tracks.

“They’re identical,” one user wrote, while other’s accused Little Mix of copying the entire chorus.

As if all the criticism wasn’t enough, GRL then responded to the claims, and they seem none to happy, simply tweeting ‘#ShoutOutToUglyHeart”. Yikes.

But not everyone was convinced that Shout Out To My Ex had taken inspiration from Ugly Heart

Here are both songs. Have a listen for the comparison. What do you think?


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