Uh-Oh! People Are NOT Happy With Cara Delevingne’s Latest Commercial

Can you see how it's offensive?

It looks like poor Cara Delevingne has pulled a Kendall Jenner…. filmed a highly offensive product commercial.

Although she’s arguably one of the most successful modern day supermodels, even she can’t escape some controversy.

The British beauty is the face of mega popular shoe designer Jimmy Choo, and is the star of their new commercial for their Shimmer in the Dark collection.

The advert sees Cara strut down the streets wearing some gorge boots, but its the male attention she gets that has viewers less than impressed.

The ad goes on to show multiple men cat-call the model as she makes her way down the street, and finally a hotdog vendor seems to check her out on her way to the cluuub.

In an age where cat-calling is a big NO, can you see why some people are offended? Take a look at the ad for yourself.