“Um, You Know You’re A Millionaire, Right?”: Zayn Is Blasted After Asking Fans To Donate Money

He asked his Twitter followers to donate money for his mum's friend's cancer treatment.

Zayn is in fans’ bad books after asking his 21 million Twitter followers to donate money to his mum’s friend’s GoFundMe page.

The Pillow Talk singer took to Twitter over the weekend saying, “This is my Mums best friend. Please help in any way possible ??”.

Ayesha Daniels is a 47-year-old divorced, single parent who is battling stage four cancer and is seeking help from the public to raise £120,000 for her treatment costs.

However, Zayn’s fans were quick to point out that he could easily pay for the woman’s treatment himself.

Ayesha has spoken out about the controversy in an update to her fundraising page, saying, “I asked my ‘nephew’ Zayn Malik to drum up some publicity for me by way of highlighting my page and illness via Twitter. This has had an adverse effect for him as the spiteful trolls are attacking him for his kindness.

“Never, ever would I ask him for financial help in any way, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. My request was for him to enlighten the public of my sad plight and he did exactly as I asked. So come on all you trolls, give him a break please and let’s just get on with the fundraising.”

While Zayn probably did donate a certain amount to the cause, do you think he should’ve paid the entire bill? Or do you think it was reasonable to have asked fans for their support?

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