Update: The Verdict’s In On Whether Louis Tomlinson Will Face Charges Over THAT Altercation At LAX

The One Direction singer was involved in an airport scuffle back in March.

According to The Sun, Louis Tomlinson will not face charges for a scuffle that took place with a paparazzo and two female fans in LAX in March.

The Los Angeles County City Attorney’s office is reportedly not pursuing criminal charges, though a spokesperson has said the star will still be required to attend a court hearing later this month, where the decision could be reevaluated.

“Each of the parties will be interviewed regarding the incident and advised of the law and ways to avoid similar incidences in the future,” a representative for the city attorney’s office said.

“Typically there is no further action taken by our office after the hearing, though we do reserve the right to file charges up to one year from the date of the original incident should additional information or future actions require additional measures.”

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