Vicky Phelan Shares Update That Her Cancer Is ‘Slowly’ Growing Back

She tweeted the tough news on Monday night.

Vicky Phelan has bravely revealed that her cancer has sadly returned.

In a post she shared on Twitter, Vicky shared the difficult news that her tumors are growing back slowly, with the development of a new small tumor in her lung also.

So, I have been holding off on sharing news that my cancer is growing back (slowly, thankfully)”

“I needed the time to absorb this news and for my family & friends to absorb it too

“In addition to growth in three tumours, I have developed a new (tiny – 3mm) tumour in my lung.”

Vicky went on to say that although this is a blow to both her and her family, she will continue to remain positive, and will carry on searching for treatment options to give her the best quality of life possible. Other than bouts of tiredness, Vicky says that she is feeling no other symptoms as a result of her illness.

“I am actively researching options at the moment, and, apart from bouts of extreme tiredness at times, I am very lucky to report no other symptoms at the moment.”

A huge campaigner for women’s health and cancer sufferers in Ireland, Vicky also shared that she has no intentions to slow down on her campaigning, and will continue to stand by all those affected by the cervical check scandal.

I will continue to campaign with the @221plus for a Tribunal that meets the needs of the women and families affected by the #CervicalCheck scandal because one of our main asks centres on providing for women who suffer a recurrence, like me.”

“This cancer is NOT curable. It affects primarily young women with families. The State admitted failing these women in a State apology last year.”

Taking the opportunity to call on the government to listen to Irish women and all those affected by the scandal, Vicky added:

“Listen to our concerns and address the needs of the women & families with grace and compassion. Honour those who have already passed away including Ruth, Emma, Orla, Julie and stop the cycle of protecting the State or you will fail these women a second time.”

Speaking earlier this year about the pandemic and how she and her family are navigating this unprecedented time, Vicky shared some words of positivity, reminding us that life is fragile,

“The lesson that this virus is teaching everyone is that life is for living now, not when you have the fabulous figure, or when you have the brilliant job, or whatever it is ticked off your list of things to achieve.”

“We only get one life. I was as guilty as everyone else of chasing happiness and was consumed by my job and my education, until cancer came knocking on my door. As soon as I was told that my time was limited, that was when I really started living my life with no excuses and no ifs and buts. I can honestly say that I have never been happier.”

“Enjoy every moment because none of us knows what lies around the corner.”

Our thoughts and positivity are with Vicky and family during this time.


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