Viewers Are NOT Happy With Last Night’s Love Island Episode

They did us dirty

We’re officially one week into this season of Love Island, and after a slightly slow start, things most certainly are beginning to pick up. In fact, some fans feel it’s beginning to pick up a little too much.

Last night’s episode ended on a major cliffhanger where new girl Rachel Finni is about to make her decision on who she will couple up with, Brad McClelland or Chuggs Wallis.

The juicy part of last night’s episode lay in the fact that the person not chosen by Rachel would be sent packing, meaning that the boys had been laying it on factor 50 thick throughout the episode.

However, viewers were not so lucky as to get a satisfying ending to the episode, as it cut off right at the crucial point where Rachel announced her decision.

Of course, the producers knew exactly what they were doing, however, that didn’t stop fans of the show from taking to Twitter to share their frustration.

Nick Grimshaw hilariously Tweeted:

While Ex Islander Amber Gill said:

Fans also have their own theories on who they think Rachel will choose, with some saying that she and Chuggs seem to have more of a spark, while others reckon that Brad is more sincere. Suppose we’ll just have to tune in again tonight to see.



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