Viewers Reckon This Is The Finale Date For Love Island

Pleeenty of time for more drama

At the minute, we’re all very much enjoying our nightly ritual of sitting down to some juicy drama at 9 pm each evening. Blissfully ignoring the fact that the show will come to an end at one point or another, it may just be about time we start mentally preparing ourselves for that eventual fate.

But it’s hard to prepare ourselves when we don’t have an actual finale date yet, isn’t it? That’s where one clever clogs viewer might have worked out the time to prepare ourselves for.

Judging from the date on one viewer competition in which you can win the chance to attend an exclusive ‘viewing party’ on Monday the 23rd of August, which would suggest that this is the date that the final will fall.

Love Island itself is yet to confirm the exact finish date, but judging from what is left to go down in the villa we should have at least another couple weeks of drama ahead of us.

Who will take home the £50,000 cash prize is currently anyone’s guess, as things went to absolute mush during last week’s Casa Amor. The current bookies favourite to win are the villa’s only remaining couple, Jake and Liberty.



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