Virgin Media Was Down Last Night And People Couldn’t Handle The Stress Of No Internet

What is life without WiFi, really?


Irish internet users across the country were left without broadband and WiFi last night thanks to a Virgin Media outage.

Once people began realising that the ‘turn the modem off and on again’ trick wasn’t going to do the job, panic began setting in. After all, there was Neflix to be watched…

Gilmore Girls revivals to criticise…

And movies to be, er, legally streamed…

What to do when you’re suddenly left without social media, internet TV or anything fun to occupy your mind of a Tuesday night? Well, you could clean the microwave, like this guy:

Or read, if you’re really in the mood to be smug.

You could hit the bed early – but not to sleep, mind.

Ever when it’s not working as a modem, that little black box has PLENTY of other uses.

Loads, honestly.

Thankfully Virgin’s services were back up and running by midnight, although customers are still experiencing outages as late as this morning. May we never have to suffer through such upsets again.


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