Vogue Williams: “I Wish People Didn’t Give Me So Much ‘Advice’ About Becoming A Mom”

The star admitted all the comments about how hard parenting would be, scared her.

Vogue Williams has opened up about how becoming a mom seemed daunting before she had her son.

She and husband Spencer Matthews welcomed their son Theodore last year and Vogue admits that all the advice and comments about motherhood made her nervous.

“I wish people hadn’t kind of told me anything to be honest because I felt like I got a lot of negativity off people about becoming a mom and it kind of scared me. People were just like ‘oh my god it’s so hard, you’re life will never be the same’ and honestly the weeks before having him I was like ‘oh my god this is going to be the hardest thing ever I don’t know if I’m going to be able to handle it’ when in actual fact it’s the best thing ever, like don’t get me wrong, it’s really really hard but I think you just adapt,” she told STELLAR.

The star added that you get the hang of motherhood as time goes on and you learn on the job!

“Like you’re given a baby and you’re like ‘oh my god I have a newborn baby and think about learning how to look after a newborn’, and then they start crawling and like oh my god that’s another thing, but each thing comes after another so you’re really for every milestone when it comes. So actually I wish people hadn’t told me to be so wary and nervous and didn’t talk about how much your life is going to change because, for me, my life has just changed for the better.”


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In just a few short years Vogue met Spencer, got married and had her first child, so how has life changed with all of this?

“I’ve obviously grown up since having a baby and we don’t have wild nights like before but we’re very much the same people and our relationship is still very much the same. I mean, we probably get a little bit moodier at each other because we’re not getting as much sleep but otherwise it’s kind of the same. Like, I don’t think that much has changed because your life evolves anyway as you get older, like I was done with partying and going to nightclubs well before I had Theodore so I’ve just grown up a bit more,” she said.

Growing up is also one of the many things that has helped Vogue to be more confident.

“I have to say a lot of it does come with age. I feel a lot more confident within myself since I’ve become older. I just happy, like really happy at the moment and I think that being happy just helps everything in your life,” she said.

“I would say training and eating healthily really makes me feel better, I think to feel fit and that makes me feel confident. But mainly being older, I just don’t give a shit what people say about me anymore.”

Vogue at the launch of Diet Coke’s You Do You campaign

While confidence is something she’s improved over the years, anonymous trolls still get to her, because she’s only human, after all.

“I probably should ignore the trolls but something about that just bothers me, from one we to the next I could be skinny-shamed one day, fat-shamed the next day! I just think “stop commenting on people’s bodies”.

“Yes, I put myself out there on social media but that doesn’t mean you should say I’m too skinny or too fat or too whatever. I just think people have to start being kinder and just remember that everyone has a different body shape. You keep being told you’re too skinny it does affect you and you do think about it. It’s a really horrible thing to say and I just don’t think you should comment on people’s appearances. I just wouldn’t do it, so why do other people?”

While there are some negative comments on Vogue’s Instagram, it’s mainly a positive place with loads of happy family pictures as well as stunning outfit posts. So how would Vogue describe her style?

“My style is ever-changing like I like to be in gym gear most days, to be honest, but if I’ve got a big event I really like to get dressed up. But I always have to be comfortable I can’t wear something that’s not comfortable. I’d say it’s a bit boyish at times as well. Because I would consider myself more of a tomboy even though it may not look like that on the outside I really am quite a tomboy.”

Vogue worked on a series of documentaries for RTE in the past, but say her next TV plans will be UK focused.

“My favourite documentary I’ve made is the one where I went to the American prisons, and the transgender one. I just think when you do documentaries where you learn so much yourself, but you’re also educating people on certain issues, that’s what’s most important for me were making those documentaries. Next, I don’t know what’s coming up. I just finished working on a big show in the UK and that was sort of my first big presenting job over there, and I don’t have plans for more documentaries right now but I would love to do more because I really did enjoy doing them and I’ve loads of topics.”

We can’t wait to see!

Vogue was in Dublin recently to celebrate the launch of Diet Coke – You Do You; a light-hearted and refreshing campaign that champions the love of mainstream everyday moments and language. Diet Coke is helping #YouDoYou with eight limited-edition Diet Coke cans. Follow Diet Coke on Facebook and Instagram on @DietCokeie, use the hashtag #YouDoYou to share your Diet Coke Mood.

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