Vogue Williams Shares Pregnancy Update Revealing ‘Difficult’ Couple Of Weeks

'Being pregnant is not easy'


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Remember… not all is as it appears on Instagram and Vogue Williams wants to remind people of that with her latest pregnancy update.

Feeling it was the right time to check in and share how she’s getting on, Vogue admitted that she has received lots of messages from fans saying she “makes pregnancy look easy”.

However, the Howth native doesn’t want people thinking that it’s all plain sailing for the star and so, last night she explained how challenging the last few weeks of pregnancy have been, as she moves closer to her due date.

“I hate complaining about anything to do with pregnancy because I feel so very lucky to be having a baby.”

“I have had a lot of mails from people saying I make it look easy and they feel bad not doing things I’m doing.


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