Vogue Williams Shares Upset Over Not Making It Back To Ireland For Christmas

The Howth native has not been home since travel restrictions fell into place.


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Vogue Williams has shared the “disappointing” news that she won’t make back to Ireland this Christmas. The model and Irish native hasn’t been back to her home country in almost a year and frequently shares how much she misses it.

Sadly, the Howth native won’t make it back this Christmas in a new episode of her podcast with husband, Spencer Matthews.

“Christmas is going to be a bit different for us. We were going to go to Ireland but I don’t think that we can make it back to Ireland this year, which is a bit disappointing.”

The 35 year old revealed that they won’t be spending the festive season where they live in London either, instead they’ll be heading to the Caribbean to stay in St Barth’s with Spencer’s parents.


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“We are going to see Spenny’s parents and have Christmas with the them in St Barth’s which is absolutely brilliant and we cannot wait to do.”

She went on to share that the couple will be taking every precaution required to do so; “Actually we should point out that you have to get a Covid test 72 hours before you go, and you have to get one when you get there, and you have to get one two weeks after you’ve stayed, and then you have to get one before you go home.”

“So there’s a lot of Covid tests involved, but we’re able to do that.”


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The couple had planned to make it over to the Emerald Isle for Christmas this year, where they would have been spending it in their beautiful new home. The house, which is in Howth, has undergone huge renovations this year but the family are yet to see it in real life.

Last month Vogue shared some snaps of their stunning new Dublin pad; “After almost a year of going back and forth, we have our dream home in Ireland.”

“We aren’t moving home but we have wanted a bigger space in Dublin for a long time. Now we can all fit and hopefully spend a little more time in Ireland.”

Explaining that for a while she hoped to move to Howth with Spencer full-time, Vogue added that she’s now happy with this new base, and can’t wait for a long stay in Ireland once it’s safe to travel again.

Previously owning an apartment which she then sold, Vogue’s new Howth base is much bigger and brighter, giving her a lot more space to work with now that she has two kiddies – Theodore (2) and Gigi (4 months).


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Sharing photos of the dream home, Vogue and Spencer’s new place is minimalistic, but with beautiful touches of navy and wood, as well as fabulous lighting.

Speaking to VIP Magazine earlier this year she said, “I really miss home, I feel quite sad about it to be honest. I’m so used to getting back to Ireland every couple of weeks and I haven’t been home in almost a year.

“I miss friends, family and just being at home, but I have to remind myself that people are having a much tougher time than me. I’ll get there and when I do you won’t be able to get rid of me!”


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