Wait…Have Niall Horan And Lily Collins Been Secretly Dating?

How amazing is this!?

You know us, we’re always one to buy into a good fan theory, and this latest Lily and Niall rumour is certainly one we can get on board with!

One Direction star turned successful solo artist Niall and Hollywood bombshell Lily are fast becoming our new favourite couple, well maybe!

The Mullingar man recently answered Lily Collins to the question ‘who would you love to date’ in an interview with Spin Southwest. And it looks like Ms Collins was taking notice!

Since this, the 28-year-old has followed Niall on instagram, and the two seem to be liking an awful lot of each others photos!


Whether this is just some shameless online flirting, or the two are actually seeing each other on the DL, we know we’ll be keeping a close eye on anymore instagram interactions!


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