Wait… Is Niall Horan Getting A Mullingar Street Named After Him?

The people of Mullingar certainly want it to happen

 Niall Horan has officially cemented himself as Mullingar’s most famous export (sorry Bressie…it was a close one) so what else is there to do only name a street in the Westmeath town after their pride and joy?

This is what the people of Westmeath are calling for as a facebook page has set up a petition to rename a walkway in the town centre after the One Direction star.

“The Niall Horan Way has a nice ring to it and it could be a great tourist attraction. With the proper designers and artistic display it would add to the musical legacy of our town,” The Mullingar news and views page posted.

“It’s fair to say, that at any given chance, Niall always speaks about his beloved Mullingar.

“As any a person would say, everybody knows where Mullingar is now, it’s the hometown of Niall Horan”.

Who else would be making a sneaky trip to Westmeath to pose for an insta pic on Niall Horan Way?… No?…Just us?


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