Wait, Really? This Is What Kim Kardashian Would Be Doing If She Wasn’t Famous

So, so random.

Kim Kardashian has shaped one heck of a career for herself since first blasting onto the scene with her sex tape in 2003. Since then, she’s gone from reality star to businesswoman, having just recently launched her own make-up line, KKW.

But what if she wasn’t famous? What if she was just an ordinary girl from Calabasas? The now 36-year-old has recently revealed that she would have liked to become a forensic scientist. Yes, really.

Speaking to YouTuber Desi Perkins, the mum-of-two said, “My friends and I joke all the time that I would definitely be a good publicist, but I think I would be a forensic investigator.

“It’s just what I feel that I could do really well and I am really fascinated, just different trials and it’s like all the kind of shows I watch.” Skip to 14:30 if you don’t believe us.

Do you think she’d have made a good scientist?

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