Wait, What?! Did Cheryl Just Pose For A Pregnancy Photoshoot?

Fans seem convinced that she has.

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We’ve heard all the rumours and seen all the pics of her growing ‘bump’, but still neither Cheryl or Liam have officially announced that they’re expecting their first child.

Niall Horan seemingly confirmed the news recently, telling The Daily Star that Liam “can’t wait” to become a dad.

But still the couple have remained schtum and there may be a reason they’ve chosen to keep things quiet for so long.

As it happens, they may be very well planning to make the announcement rather extravagantly, with a magazine photoshoot deal.

Yep, that’s what loads of their fans are speculating on Twitter right now, thanks to a snap posted by fashion photographer Mariano Vivanco.

The pic in question was posted to the photographer’s Instagram and features a large length of red fabric, draped across a wooden stool, with the caption ‘My Devine @cherylofficial…’.

Mariano Photoshoot

Mariano then followed the snap with a video, confirming “I’m shooting someone very special today.”

While nothing has been said outright that the shoot is to reveal Cheryl’s pregnancy, that hasn’t stopped fans speculating, with many believing that she wants to recreate Demi Moore’s iconic 1991 Vanity Fair cover where the actress posed naked during her first pregnancy.

Interestingly, Mariano has since deleted the snaps in question. Could he have been scolded for letting the cat out of the bag and instructed to take the pics down? Who knows.

It’s certainly plausible, and while the fans’ theories aren’t completely out of left field, we’re not believing anything until we see it in print. Watch this space!


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