Wait, What? It Looks Like Nicki Minaj Just Announced Her Pregnancy!

With a single emoji, Nicki has convinced everyone that she's expecting.

It doesn’t take much to send the internet into a meltdown these days, but Nicki Minaj’s latest tweet has surely done it.

The 34-year-old star, took to her Twitter account to seemingly share some happy news with her followers.

Being uncharacteristically cryptic, Nicki shared only a baby emoji and left her fans to speculate as to whether she was officially announcing her pregnancy.

So far the general consensus among Twitter users is that Nicki’s tweet is definitive proof that she’s expecting.

Adding fuel to the fire, she’s also been liking tweets speculating that she’s pregnant.

Hmm. We’ll take this one with a pinch of salt. After sparking rumours that she was dating Nas in May, the star said she wanted to go “a year without dating any men” so unless she’s decided to ditch the dude detox since then, it’s unlikely that she’s having a baby.

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