Wait, What?! Jesy Nelson Secretly Appeared In Harry Potter And About A Boy – And Here Are The Pics To Prove It

How did nobody mention this before?

We’ve watched the Harry Potter films a dozen times, but we never realised that Jesy Nelson of Little Mix was actually part of the cast.

Speaking on an Australian radio station, the singer said in a rather convincing Australian accent, “Yeah, I was in Harry Potter.”

She’s not lying, and that’s not the first time she’s dipped her toe into acting waters. Jesy also revealed that she was in About A Boy with Hugh Grant in 2002.

Here’s the proof:

“She was ‘Assembly Room Pupil 127’,” bandmate Jade Thirlwall quipped.

To which Jesy added, “And you can actually clearly see me if you pause the tape.”

Perrie then said, “Every time I see it, I pause it and just laugh!”

Jesy’s role wasn’t particularly centre-screen, so she’s not listed in the credits. Still, we’re v impressed.

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