Wanna Save Lots Of Money? Set Small Goals

Saving your cents for a Chanel tote or a sunny vay-cay? Science says this one little tweak can help you save stacks more cash.

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Saving money is super HARD. We have the best of intentions, but somehow always end up being swayed by that expensive Starbucks Frapppaccino, those gorgeous pair of heels in the window of Topshop, or that cheeky night out with the girls.

Well now science has come up with a savvy way to save more spends – and it simply involves a tweak in your mindset.

A study, published in Psychological Science found that people were more likely to save if they tricked themselves into thinking about the future as a looming date.

Yep, that means, instead of thinking about saving money far of in the future, you should break it down, and set weekly or monthly goals instead. In fact, the study found that people were most effective at saving when they had a daily countdown timer to remind them of their impending target.

The study’s co-author Daphna Oyserman explains, “The simplified message that we learned in these studies is if the future doesn’t feel imminent, then, even if it’s important, people won’t start working on their goals.”

If you see it as ‘today’ rather than on your calendar for sometime in the future, you’re not going to put it off.”

Deadly. Now, if we could just avoid nipping into River Island on our lunch break…