Was This Bizarre Interaction Between Kim K And Tom Brady…Flirting?

How the other half flirt!

Image via Instagram, @kimkardashian

Kim Kardashian has been single for some time, though rumours often swirl about who the reality TV star is dating.

Now, people are wondering if Kim may be romantically linked to former American Football quarterback Tom Brady.

The pair both attended non-profit REFORM Alliance’s Casino Night Event in New Jersey on Saturday, and it was there that they engaged in some very public flirting – by entering a bidding war.


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Wait – what?

You read that right; Kim K and Tom Brady apparently went head to head on Saturday, “playfully” fighting over a painting, according to People.

Allegedly the two went back and forth with bids, both cheekily refusing to give in, until eventually they agreed to give $2 million each and settle the dispute among themselves about who would keep the artwork.

George Condo, who painted the piece, said that he would happily create a new painting for whoever didn’t get it.  So everyone went home happy!


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We honestly can’t wrap our heads around this magnitude of wealth. Flirting by casually dropping millions at charity events? Wild.

This isn’t the first time Kim and Tom have raised speculation that there might be something between them.

They were both spotted at Michael Rubin’s White Party in The Hamptons in July, and a source told People that Kim was overheard telling people she found Tom “attractive”.


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So, is there romance on the horizon for Kim and Tom?

It’s hard to say just yet, though there does seem to be a trend of famous women going for footballers right now, what with Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce hitting it off.

Halloween costumes pending!