Watch: How Many Of These Instagram Cliches Are You Guilty Of?

From gym selfies to pics of our dinner, we're all prone to posting a few of these.

Instagram Cliche

We have a pretty heavy Instagram habit and given that the site now brags an impressive 300 million users it would seem we’re not the only ones.

An average day sees approximately 40 million new photos uploaded to the site, but despite that massive number, there are only a few common themes we notice while flicking through our feeds. Er, gym selfies anyone?

“I’m totally guilty of a few Instagram cliches,” says Ciara, 26. “I’ve been known to snap a picture of my gel mani every month, so much so that my friends have nicknamed it the claw. If I like the outfit I’m wearing, I’ll sometimes snap a selfie in the elevator at work some mornings too.”

Also guilty of an Insta cliche or two is STELLAR reader Sarah, 29. “I don’t actually use Instagram all that much… that is until I go on holidays and completley inundate everyone with a million pics from my travels. My boyfriend and I even did one of those cringy #FollowMeTo photos, were I walk in front of the camera, holding his hand. His friends give him a bit of a ribbing for that one!”

Picking up on more than a few common themes, Instagram user Hierophante decided to create a video compilation documenting the Insta cliches we’re used to seeing in our feeds.

Peace signs? Coffee shots? Selfies? We’re sad to say we’re guilty of quite a few. How about you?

Watch the full video below.


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