WATCH: James Cordon Teased Harry Styles Over His Ex Kendall Jenner And He Got So Super Awkward

So awkward in the funniest way possible.

Harry Styles was a guest star on James Corden’s The Late Late Show last night and the conversation got really awkward really quickly.

Technically, it’s all Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s fault, as he was also guest starring on the show and brought Harry’s ex-girlfriend up in conversation.

Aaron was explaining that he has a chicken coop, and that all of his winged friends are named after members of the Kardashian family, including Kendall Jenner.

Upon the mention of Kendall’s name, Harry nearly choked on whatever he was drinking from his mug, resulting in a cheeky laugh from James.

That would’ve been fine if the story ended there… But oh, no, no. Aaron elaborated further by saying his “Kardashickens”, including Harry’s ex-girlfriend, “lay every day”. (Please don’t make us explain that innuendo.)

Sensing Harry’s discomfort, James Corden did what he does best and made the situation hilariously more awkward for the Sign of the Times singer, and asked, “Do they lay every day, Harry?” LOL.

See the 23-year-old’s reaction here…

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