Watch: The Love Island Games Trailer Is Finally Here

It's like Love Island on steroids.


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Love Island has been on another level this year – it’s hard to keep up!

The iconic reality TV show has been working on not one, but two spin offs of the original series to keep us entertained – and we’re already hooked.

Along with an all-stars season, Love Island have announced a games series – where winning the $100,000 cash prize will ride on a number of challenges spread across the show. Maya Jama will present, and Iain Sterling will narrate it just like the original series.

Love Island Games will see past contestants from Love Island iterations all across the world get together to compete in couples; and now that we know the full cast list, we can recognise some familiar faces.


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There’s Scott van Der Sluis, Toby Aromalaran, Liberty Poole and Megan Barton Hansen to name a few  – we’re already getting a sense of how dramatic this is going to be!

We’ve been kept in the dark quite a bit about how the show will actually look, but now we’ve finally got a sneak peek of what’s to come with the first official trailer released by the show.

Unsurprisingly, things seem to get heated in no time within the group.

In one clip we see a shot of Curtis Pritchard being told he has “small dick energy”. In another, US contestant Cely Vazquez asks in disbelief, “Are you shitting me? Y’all really brought my ex in?”. Yikes!

The series will premiere on November 1st, and new episodes will be broadcast six nights a week. For now it looks like you’ll need a NOW TV or Sky subscription to access the series.

We can’t wait!