Watch: Zayn Malik And Niall Horan Shook Hands At The AMAs Last Night And It Looked Awkward AF

Sorry, One Direction fans.

Niall Zayn

Last March, Zayn Malik broke a million hearts in unison when he announced that after five years of chart-topping success he’d be leaving One Direction and heading off on his merry away to enjoy life out of the limelight and be “a normal 22-year-old.”

Since then, little has been known about Zayn’s relationship with the rest of the band, but there have been persistent rumours that suggest all is not rosy between him and his former bandmates post-split.

It’s no surprise then, that when it was revealed both Niall and Zayn would be in the same room together at the AMAs last night, reportedly for the first time since the band’s split in 2015, fans were scrupulously watching their interaction.

Sadly, they didn’t witness a warm reunion, complete with bro hugs and pleasant chitter chatter. Instead the pair shared a brief – oh-so brief – handshake, seemingly much to Zayn’s surprise.

One fan caught the interaction on camera, and TBH it looks pretty frosty.

The internet agrees and has pretty much taken their cold exchange as further proof that the guys are all feuding… 

Previous to the show, Niall told ET Online “I haven’t spoken to him in a few months… and haven’t seen him in a while, so I’m looking forward to seeing him,” so who knows, maybe the pair had already caught up backstage and Niall was just eager to get back to his seat.

It’s possible, right? RIGHT?!

Okay, good. Now that that’s cleared up, lets all go back to assuming the One D guys are deffo still bessie mates, and a reunion is right around the corner.


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