We Are Not Over J. Lo And Shakira’s Super Bowl Show, And Twitter Isn’t Either

It was well and truly worth the wait.


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We all waited with bated breath for J. Lo and Shakira’s half time show last night (well, we waited until it was time to get up and watch it this morning), and they did not come to play.

It’s safe to say, it was truly iconic. And it’s also safe to say that we were all impatiently Googling both J. Lo and Shakira’s anti-aging skincare routine. Because their aging process is basically non existent. But enough of skincare woes, back to the performance.

As expected, with these two joining forces, it was nothing short of spectacular. If for whatever reason you haven’t had the chance to watch it yet, well, grab a cup of tea, sit back and watch it right here. Be prepared for goosebumps.

The absolute throwbacks. The flawless outfits. Shakira’s hips. J. Lo on that pole. Shakira playing the drums and the guitar. J. Lo bringing her daughter on stage. Two women who basically stole the show, who brought everything we expected and more. Kansas City Chiefs who? There’s almost too much to comment on. And what’s a legendary TV moment without checking in on the reactions to said unmissable moment? And there were plenty.

Go watch it again, there’s no judgement here.


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