‘We Didn’t Get A Lifetime Together’: Lea Michele’s Heartbreaking Tribute To Cory, Three Years On

Yesterday marked three years since his death.

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Lea Michele’s love story with Cory Monteith may not have had a happy ending, but she still holds memories of him close to her.

The actress took to social media yesterday to mark the anniversary of Cory’s death, as she has done every year since he passed away.

Cory was found dead in Vancouver hotel room in 2013 after a suspected accidental overdose of heroin and alcohol. At the time, he and Lea had been dating for around a year and a half, having starred together on Glee since 2009.

“We may not have gotten to share a lifetime together.. But the memories.. they’re the best of my life,” Lea wrote on Instagram yesterday, alongside a solo shot of the late actor walking away from the camera and looking out to sea.

She also posted a short tribute on Twitter, thanking Cory for “watching over” her. “Miss you Cory, everyday, but today a little more,” she finished.

Lea recently parted ways with her Scream Queens co-star Robert Buckley, less than two months after the pair first started dating. The split came just five months after Lea’s two-year relationship with Matthew Paetz ended abruptly in February of this year.

The actress has spoken before about the slow healing process she went through – and is still going through – since Cory’s untimely death.

“I wanted to make sure that I was a whole person again and that no one was coming into my life to put me back together,” she told Flare magazine last year.