We Finally Know The Reason For Friends’ Emily And Ross’ Short Lived Relationship

Who’s ready for The One Where The Actress Almost Got Fired?

James Burrows has revealed some very interesting information regarding the short lived Ross and Emily romance.

The Friends director alleges Helen Baxendale, who played Emily, was almost removed from the show due to a lack of chemistry with David Schwimmer.


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In his memoir entitled Directed by James Burrows, PEOPLE noted the James said: “Schwimmer had no one to bounce off. It was like clapping with one hand.”

James continued saying Helen was “nice, but not particularly funny” compared to Ross’ on again off again girlfriend Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston).

He continued on saying: “In sitcoms and any type of romantic comedy, the funny is just as important as the chemistry. We discovered that any new girlfriend for Ross needed to be as funny as Rachel.”

However, according to the memoir, Helen’s character was not removed from the show due to “tight deadlines”.


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Explaining, James said: “Often, you can’t recast, because of tight shooting deadlines or other logistical considerations. ¬†You need someone who gets laughs. Sometimes you start an arc and it ain’t working out, so you have to get rid of that person. If it’s a day player, it’s a quick goodbye.”

He also noted that if a relationship works particularly well the writers will find away to write them into future scenes: “If there’s chemistry, the writers go to work to figure out some way of keeping the actor.”

Helen Baxendale left Friends in season five when Emily and Ross called it quits after a rollercoaster marriage.