‘We Had To’: Channing And Jenna Shared The BEST Step Up Tribute On Snapchat

Throwing it riiiight back.

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Step Up was released ten years ago this week, and aside from making us feel mega old, the anniversary is also giving us happy feels.

Why? Well, the film’s two leads, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, are not only still together since hooking up on set back in 2006, but they’re married. Oh, and they’re legit one of the cutest celebrity couples around.

Jenna took to Snapchat last night to share some adorable video tributes in honour of the film that brought her and Channing together. First up, there was some filter fun, because Snapchat:

step up

Then the pair really got down to bizniz, throwing it back to one of the most memorable dance moves from the film – that LIFT:

We had to. #stepup10years

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Remind you of anything?

step up gif1

Yup, that’d be it.

Speaking about Channing and Jenna’s on-set romance, Step Up‘s director Anne Fletcher told Cosmopolitan that she’s still secretly proud of being the couple’s unofficial matchmaker.

“When I’m casting other movies, I always say, ‘Don’t question my chemistry. Because my first leads? Got married,'” she joked.

As for the casting process, Anne said the producers struggled to find someone who was the perfect match for the part of Tyler – until Channing came along.

“We had no idea if he [Channing] could act. But he was super handsome, super charming, and he could dance. He’d trained himself, so it was messy and sloppy and of the street. He was perfect,” she recalls.

The same goes for Jenna, who was one of the final stars to be cast. “I wanted the girl to do all of her own dancing. I was worried I’d have to compromise that. But then Miss Jenna walked in and danced exactly the way I would’ve wanted her to dance. It was like a dream come true,” Anne says.

And was there chemistry between the future couple straight away? “It was… instantaneous,” recalls Anne. “Forget it.”

Here’s hoping the pair are still dancing like that on Step Up‘s 20th anniversary…

step up gif 2