We’re Loving Instagram’s New Layout App For Making Picture Collages

It's free, it's a cinch to use and it'll make your 'grams look even more great: we're loving Instagram's new pic collage app, Layout, basically.

If you’re a bit of a dummy when it comes to Instagram and always admire other users’ amaze-o pic mashups and collages, then we think we have the answer: Layout, the new app the social network debuted the other day. Instagram’s on a bit of a quiet mission, making a clean sweep of third parties using its API, but the flipside of that is it’s introducing more add-on apps to enhance its own service.

They’re needed – we find it a pain we can’t flip between accounts like we can with Twitter, for example – but the launch of Layout, and also Hyperlapse, are positives.

So what does it do? In a nutshell, it makes creating clever collages an absolute doddle. Really: check above for some we made using some of this week’s images in our camera roll, in about five seconds flat. Splice, flip, mirror and select from various image shapes too. Once you’ve settled on a style, save it, it’ll appear in your camera roll and you can ‘gram it from there as you would any other picture. #smart.

Check out some of our, er, efforts above (confession, we did these while lying in bed last night), and if you’re not following STELLAR on Instagram yet, then we have just one thing to say: why the heck not?!