“We’re Over”: Stephen Bear Fuels Rumours That He And Charlotte Crosby Have Split Up For Good

They've been together since February.

Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear have been madly in love since February, and have been constantly appearing in one another’s social media posts ever since.

After getting to know each other on the set of Just Tattoo Of Us, an MTV show that they both co-host, they’ve been inseparable, with Charlotte even tweeting that they’re moving in together.

“Steve has his 1st home ? ??  So proud! And he’s only asked me to MOVE IN! ?? #Charlotte&Bears ?  I can’t believe I’m gunna live with a BOY!? ” she said in June.

But last night Stephen cast a shadow of doubt on their romance as he tweeted (and then deleted), “Me and Charlotte are over… you heard it here first”.

However, given his reputation as a bit of a messer, fans weren’t sure whether to believe him or not. One person even replied, “I’m calling b*llsh*t!”

Part of the reason why they didn’t believe him was because Charlotte had posted a cozy photo of the two of them relaxing on a sofa, snuggled under a blanket just two days ago.

And their doubts were confirmed shortly after, as Charlotte chimed in on the conversation saying, “July FOOLS!”.

So it was all just a joke… Not a joke that we get, mind you, but a joke all the same.

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