We’ve Been Saying Taylor Lautner’s Name Wrong This Whole Time

Wait a second!

Image via Instagram, @taylorlautner

Taylor Lautner is a household name thanks to his years spent as Jacob in the Twilight franchise – but it turns out we’ve been saying it wrong this whole time.

The actor has revealed that people have been pronouncing his second name the wrong way forever, and he says it’s his own fault!

“It is my fault nobody knows how it is pronounced because I never corrected anybody for decades,” Taylor said on The Unplanned Podcast With Matt & Abby.


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“I just never in interviews or anything stopped anyone and said, ‘It’s not Lawt-ner, it’s Lowt-ner.”

Wait, what?! “It is technically Lowt-ner” he affirmed, but he added that he’s never really minded either way.

“I don’t care. Laht-ner. Lawt-ner. Lowt-ner. It’s all the same thing”.


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Taylor has recently been in the spotlight after reuniting with ex girlfriend Taylor Swift for her re-recording of her Speak Now album. If it isn’t weird enough that he shares a name with his ex, Taylor’s wife is also named Taylor!

When Taylor (Lautner) and wife Taylor attended Taylor’s (Swift – this is confusing) concert, the singer joked affectionately about the pair.

“He and his wife have become some of my closest friends, and it’s very convenient because we all share the same first name.”