“We’ve Got This” Terrie McEvoy Returns To Nursing As Ministers Plead For More Healthcare Workers

She's also trying to help spread the word.


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If you’ve been following influencer Terri McEvoy for a while, you’ll know that her Instagram feed is usually full of positivity, and a mix of fashion and beauty. Now, Terri is donning her nurses uniform once again having revealed that she’s returning to nursing in the midst of the coronavirus.

“For the past few days I’ve been scrambling around gathering all of my paperwork, and rooting out my uniforms, after I received a call from a friend to come back and help on the frontline,” she wrote.

Terri continued, “Tonight I seen a plea from our Minister of health to recruit as many healthcare professionals as possible to help deal with Covid19 and I want to help spread the word 🙏💕 If you have a healthcare background and can help please apply at HSE.ie/oncall We’ve got this……Shoulder to shoulder☘️

“Let’s do this 💪🏻💕🏥 (Now can someone please tell me how to remove these nails without a nail tech🤪) #wevegotthis #shouldertoshoulder ☘️ #beoncallforireland #covid19.”

After sharing the news on her Instagram feed, Terri then took to her stories to share a little more. “Feeling a little bit overwhelmed and emotional…it was a very easy decision to make but a tough one for my hubby to understand. I want to say thank you all for the support.”

“But also I want to highlight that I’m just getting started…there’s thousands of healthcare professionals who have been on the frontline since this started including my best friends who I adore… they’re the true hero’s in all of this and they inspire me… I can’t wait to stand shoulder to shoulder with them.”

“I just hope some told Convid19 it picked on the wrong fecking country!!”

Fair play to you, Terrie!