What Can We Learn About The New Love Island Contestants From Their Instagram Accounts?

We're back at it again.

Yesterday, we met the new crop of Love Islanders heading into the villa on Monday evening – and had a good snoop on their Instagrams for clues as to what they might be like. Are there any personalities about? Who’s a bit of fun?

Of course, they’ve all had time to wipe their profiles of all embarrassing posts, but we’ll do the best we can on the information we have.

Yewande Biala (@yewande_biala)

Yewande, our Irish hope for the villa, is a 23-year-old scientist from Dublin. Her Instagram is pretty sparse (someone definitely went on a deleting spree) but we can confirm that she manages to make Dublin Bus look cool.

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Don’t say that you miss me, just come get me ?

A post shared by Yewande (@yewande_biala) on

Craic or no craic? We’re gonna have to say craic, because she’s a Dublin gal. But we’ll see, won’t we…

Lucie Donlan (@lucierosedonlan)

Lucie is a surfer and model, and her feed is DRENCHED in sunny beach pics as well as photos of her on skateboards and motorbikes. She’s already gone hard on the “I’m not like other girls” stuff, so we can assume she’s trying to get that across on Insta too.

Another little morsel her social media offers up? She dated 2018 Love Islander Charlie Frederick for a while after he left the villa last year:

He’s now saying that she’s “using his name” for fame. Dude, what name.

Craic or no craic? No craic. She’s not like other girls, you know.

Amber Gill (@amberrosegill)

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U not my dad ???‍?

A post shared by Amber Rose (@amberrosegill) on

“If you don’t have a sense of humour, go away!” reads Amber Rose’s bio, which can mean she’s either of the Ricky Gervais school of ‘humour’ or genuinely just interested in having a laugh. She’s an old friend of 2018 Love Islander Ellie Brown (continuing the theme), and LOOOOVES dogs. So far, so good, TBH.

Craic or no craic? Craic! You can get some semblance of personality from her feed, at least.

Amy Hart (@amyhartxo)

Like Laura from last season, Amy was until recently an air stewardess, and has penned a lengthy farewell to her old job on Instagram before she heads into the villa. Her feed is naturally packed full of travel pics, along with shots from her beauty queen days. We also enjoy this set of photos of her with Spongebob.

Craic or no craic? We say craic! She seems fun and not absolutely up her own arse… for now of course.

Anna Vakili (@annavakili_)

If you just happened to catch Anna on the Explore page, you’d probably think she was Kardashian-Jenner adjacent. She’s got the bum, the long black hair, the lips, and the cadre of cousins and sisters:

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Birthday celebrations ? ?

A post shared by Anna Vakili ? (@annavakili_) on

She also seems to be wearing swimwear 85% of the time, so she’s going to be just fine.

Craic or no craic? No craic.

Anton Danyluk (@anton_danyluk)

Anton seems to have multiple accounts but we’ll land on this one, purported to be run by his friends. He’s a gym owner, so you know… he takes photos of himself in the gym a lot, or in his bedroom with creepy wooden panelling. We’re not sure if he does anything else. Oh! Oh! He was in a car one time.

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How bad do you want it? ??? ? @ttimage

A post shared by ANTON DANYLUK (@anton_danyluk) on

Craic or no craic? Not a bean of craic.

Sherif Lanre (@sherif_lanre)

Sherif also went on a bit of a deleting spree, or else literally only posted 14 times between now and 2016. He proclaims himself as ‘Shef the Chef’ in his bio, so we’re interested to see what he whips up during the cooking challenges because it’s usually a bloody disaster. This photo looks like his ma forced him to take it before he went to the teen disco.

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A post shared by Sherif Lanre (@sherif_lanre) on

Craic or no craic? We are getting good vibes. Craic.

Tommy Fury (@tommytntfury)

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A post shared by Tommy TNT Fury (@tommytntfury) on

We don’t know why this photo of Tommy here with two plastic bags of groceries has tickled us so much, but it has. The boxer already has name recognition as the brother of Tyson Fury, who features heavily on the old ‘gram. Boxing is also the main theme of his feed, but if you scroll back far enough you’ll find gems like this photo of him getting his eyebrows waxed.

And isn’t he dead right? You always make time for the brows.

Craic or no craic? A tentative ‘craic’, but maybe at his own expense.

Joe Garratt (@josephgarratt)

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A post shared by Joe Garratt (@josephgarratt) on

His bio reads ‘The Sandwich Man’ and we are both confused and intrigued. Sadly there is not ONE SINGLE SANDWICH pictured on his profile, so he’s disappointed us already. According to this post he makes a lot of sandwich-related puns? We don’t like him going in with a ready-made catchphrase and schtick. These things have to develop naturally, Joseph!

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‘Oxfords, not brogues’ #Kingsman

A post shared by Joe Garratt (@josephgarratt) on

Craic or no craic? He’ll try very hard to BE craic, but will he succeed… who’s to say.

Michael Griffiths (@mac_griffiths_)

We’ve got another personal trainer! And he is very large of arm, muscular of leg, and vaguely threatening of Instagram caption. What if I don’t want to “get up and do something about it”? Leave me alone! Unlike Anton, he does manage to leave the gym from time to time, and has been pictured on a street, bench, and balcony. Wow! Slow down there Michael!

Craic or no craic? No craic.

Callum Macleod (@callum_macleod)

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Dusting off those boots ?? #GEDragons

A post shared by Callum Macleod (@callum_macleod) on

At 28, Callum is the elder lemon of the season, and has the Instagram of a fairly normal guy in his late 20s. Lots of photos with the ladsladslads, some nieces and nephews, and a throwback to his cringey Busted-esque hairdo:

Honestly? It’s refreshing to see a feed not full of gym photos.

Craic or no craic? Craic!

Curtis Pritchard (@curtispritchard12)

Sure we all know Curtis already from his turn as a pro dancer on Dancing With The Stars – his Instagram is peppered with Irish celebs, as well as his Strictly dancer brother AJ. There are no thirst traps or shmad lad photos, and he seems like a perfectly nice young man. That picture of him cutting into his lunch while smiling straight into the camera has chilled our souls, however.

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Finally got to see my bro #family ….

A post shared by Curtis Pritchard (@curtispritchard12) on

Craic or no craic? Erm… moderate craic?

We’ll be seeing if our craic predictions are correct when Love Island starts on Virgin Media One on Monday. Best of luck to all…


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