What Counts As Cheating? Four Guys Share Their Opinions

Does emotional cheating count? Can a relationship recover from a sneaky one night stand? We grilled four guys for their thoughts.


Peter, 24

For me, I’d say cheating has to be physical for it to really qualify. That said, I do think flirting or emotional cheating, like talking to another person online, are probably signs that you aren’t ready to be in a relationship, and in the long run, that kinda thing is probably more damaging.

Thomas, 31

Sexual contact with someone else is obviously a big no-no, but I also think having a sexual conversation, telling a person you’re single when you’re not, flirting and pursuing another person, are also cheating in a way. If you know it’s going to hurt the other person and you shouldn’t be doing it, then I guess that’s cheating too.

Ryan, 21

For me, any sort of flirting that’s going behind a person’s back, is wrong regardless. If it’s something you wouldn’t tell your partner about then, sorry, you’ve been unfaithful.

John, 29

Sneakily texting someone is bad in my eyes because it can lead to more, but it would have to be more than just texting to be considered cheating for me. If my girlfriend admitted to kissing another guy on a night out and going back to his place, even if she was truly sorry, I’d find it incredibly hard to forgive her. Once someone’s broken your trust like that I don’t think there’s any going back.