What Did Kylie Jenner Name Her Bundle Of Joy?

The bets are on for three names in particular...

Kylie Jenner is officially a mum of two, little Stormi and…. uhh well. That’s the thing, Kylie and her baby daddy Travis Scott have yet to announce the name of bubba No.2.

While curiosity is getting to all of us, it does allow for the theories and guessing to begin. Which is almost as fun as actually knowing.

Time to commence the investigation!

Theory No.1: Angel

Angel is by far the most popular guess amongst fans, but why exactly is this? Well, on her IG post announcing the baby’s birth, tons of Kylie’s friends and family commented with some mention of an angel.

Kylie’s mum and manager Kris Jenner commented, “Angel Pie”, while big sister Kim left an angel emoji. Her best friend, Anastasia’ Stassie’ Karanikolaou, then commented, “Angel Baby”, with plenty of others mentioning angels as well.

Throughout Kylie’s pregnancy, an angel has been a recurring theme, with Kris commenting, “I love you my precious girl you are an Angel ❤️😍🥰”, on a pic of Kylie showing off her bump. It does seem telling that there has always been a mention of an angel, but is it just an affectionate nickname?

Kylie’s baby shower’s colour scheme seemed to be white and gold which are traditionally angelic colours so another point for this theory. But angel might be a bit obvious, with some suggesting angelic themed names such as Halo, Gabriel, Cloud, or Sky.
We’d like to throw in Angelo, the Italian, for an angel. It’s also Adele’s son’s name, so shelebs are fans of this one. Or Angelino, a Portuguese name meaning messenger from God.

So is the name Angel or angel-themed? Heaven only knows!

Theory No.2: Valentine

This is probably the second most popular name, guess. The theory begins with how close the baby was born to Valentine’s day. A holiday we know Kylie adores from her Valentine’s photoshoots, YouTube videos, and makeup collections.

While TikToker @lifeofroryofficial, has claimed that Kylie did name the baby Valentine, some fans have pointed out that Kylie’s most recent makeup collection was a Valentine’s one. But this doesn’t exactly seem like a clue. After all, she was hardly going to release a Valentine’s collection at Easter.

But still, fans really seem to like this one and think it sounds like a KarJenner style name.

However, one of the smartest Valentine theories actually combines Valentine with Angel. Suggesting Kylie named her baby Cupid after the angel figure who is Valentine’s day symbol.

No. 3: Rainbow

Not quite as popular of theory, but some believe Kylie’s new bundle of joy might be named rainbow.

The theory goes that Kylie’s first daughter’s name is Stormi, and after the storm comes…a Rainbow. Kylie also posted a picture to her IG story of some flowers and mentioned the rainbow in her caption.

While it’s a cute theory, her sister Kourtney has a child named Reign, and they just might be too similar for Kylie to have gone with it.

So Angel, Valentine or Rainbow, which one do you think Kylie picked?

Words by Sláine McKenna


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