‘What Did You Do To Your Face?’ Fans Reckon Rita Ora Looks Unrecognisable In New Pics

Camera trickery or something else?

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Fans think Rita Ora isn’t looking like her usual self in pictures she’s recently posted to social media.

The signer took to Twitter to share a variety of selfies and press pics, and her followers were quick to comment on the star’s changed appearance.

One picture in particular, taken at the Fifty Shades premiere in LA, gained a lot of attention, with fans asking what Rita had done to her face.

Hmm. We don’t think Rita looks all that different, TBH. It could all be down to some heavy contour and camera trickery.

Whatever’s going on though, we doubt Rita cares too much about the criticism.

The singer-come-actress has landed her first major role as Mia Grey in the new Fifty Shades film, and she’s also said to be starting work on her second studio album.

Basically, she’s got no time to worry about what anyone thinks about her appearance.


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