What Do You Miss Most About Being Single? 7 Anonymous Readers ‘Fess Up

Thought it was only single gals who get that jealousy pang? Well, it turns out your coupled up pal might have a case of single girl envy.

Bridget Jones

Seeing couples walking down the street looking all loved up can make even the most confident single gal wish they were in a relationship. But did you ever stop to think that those loved up gals might be looking at you, craving your singledom? Well, turns out this is happening more than you think.

We’ve asked some of our lovely readers to tell us just what they miss most about being uncoupled. *

Una, 23

I have been in a relationship for four years and one thing I miss the most is my independence. If I wanted to travel/move away we’d have to have a big talk about it and if he doesn’t want to go what do I do? Stay with him or leave? You can never have it all in a relationship. At my age there are a lot of life changing decisions to be made and these can’t be made on your own.

Sarah, 29

We’ve been together for a year. I miss the days of only having to shave my legs for a big night out with the girls. When you’re in a relationship you have to frequently manage  your body hair, you can’t just let yourself go, especially in the early stages!

Tara, 28

I miss the hope of meeting someone on a night out and really putting an effort into getting the shift. Doing your tan, hair and nails with the girls before a night out is always really exciting, especially if you’re looking for someone to shift!

Caoimhe, 24

I’ve been in a relationship for two years with a GAA fanatic, so the thing I miss most? I miss not having to arrange my entire year around the GAA fixtures. I also wish we could be a little more spontaneous and just get up and leave but you always have to consider the other person in these kind of situations and they may not be able to get time off work etc.

Shannon, 20

I miss not being able to go out and do whatever/whoever I want and not worry about offending my boyfriend. We’ve been together for three years now but it never gets easier.

Mary, 32

I guess I miss planning ladies weekends away and  even though I still go and have a great time, there’s no spontaneity about it because you have to run the idea by your other half, whereas when you’re single you don’t have to.

Nora, 23

I miss not having to think of gifts to outdo the previous year’s presents! We’ve been in a relationship for eight years now, so I’m seriously running out of ideas. I envy single girls who just have to buy presents for their girlfriends. Girls are some much easier to buy for!

*Names have been changed.