TikTok Trending: What Is Marriage Language?

It's not just baby talk!

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Do you and your partner have a language of your own that only the two of you understand? One where you abbreviate and completely reinvent words, but you still make sense to each other?

‘Marriage language’ is the latest TikTok trend where couples share all the hilarious, made-up words and phrases they have accumulated through the years of their relationship, to describe different things to one another. It sounds like gibberish to some and cringe to most, but the people of TikTok think that ultimately, it’s marriage goals!


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Now let’s not confuse marriage language with the infamous ‘love languages’ of which there are five – although technically for some couples, this way with words could be a sixth way of showing your significant other affection.

Marriage language is something created by the only two people who can understand it. And honestly, it’s super romantic.

This shared dialect is built up over the course of a marriage with new words being coined and added every day. No language is contrived overnight.

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Marriage language is a representation of the time and effort it takes to create a deep and meaningful connection between two people; so significant that they communicate with words that can be perceived by no one but themselves.

For some it’s baby talk, for others it’s a play on words, and for a lot of people it’s just the concept of understanding something in a completely unique way.

In the TikTok trend, one partner quizzes the other on words and phrases used in their marriage language by giving hints and showing pictures. In almost every video, the answers are guessed correctly, flaunting how these languages have become second nature to most, and showing the immense influence a person can have on their partner.

One TikTok user Bethany Mercer asks her husband to recall the catchphrases they use for different things in their love language. She shows him a photo of a shrimp and asks, “Who’s this?”, he responds, “Schwampf, defleff schwampf, is that you?”.

Of course, this would make absolutely zero sense to anyone else, but for this couple, it is an inside joke that immediately registers, and they are mutually amused. She also asks, “When a plane is flying overhead, what do we say”. His hilarious response was that the plane is “showing his belleh”.

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In another TikTok by user Madi Wood, she and her husband conjointly refer to sparkling water as ‘spicy water’; the club as ‘da clurb’; and grapes as ‘gurps’.

Of course, this trend isn’t intended for married couples only. We all tend to have a language of our own with those whom we love, no matter what the relationship.

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Even strangers across the platform have been able to resonate with each other about expressions that they believed were exclusive to them, when in fact they are being used by other people on the app too.

Regardless of whether these funny little phrases have a personal meaning to you, we can all agree that marriage language is a way of making us laugh and feel loved – honestly, we can’t get enough!

Words by Shauna Whyte